WHO Director-General: we must commit to #VaccinEquity


A year after #COVID19 vaccines started being administered, 3 in 4 African health workers remain unvaccinated and only half of WHO Member States have reached the target to immunize 40% of their populations by the end of 2021. To end the pandemic, we must commit to #VaccinEquity.

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros

Watch the entire press conference of 22 December 2021 here:



  1. He is a member of an Ethiopian terrorist group (Tigray)….he has no authority over us. Dispose of this, toss into the BidenFauci pit, burn it☆°*!

  2. Мой дед не за вас кровь проливал, пошли вон!!!!
    Фашизм не пройдет 👊

  3. Tedros, you recently said how some countries are using the booster to make children deceased. Thank you for telling the truth about this.


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