WHO: How do vaccines work?


Vaccines protect us against deadly diseases. Vaccines are a safe and clever way to
keep us healthy, safe and strong. Learn more about how #VaccinesWork.

#VaccinesWork for all is a campaign of the World Health Organization for the World
Immunization Week.

More information:


  1. Poison your body with garbage, weaken you, make sure you get sick and possibly severe neurological damage.
    Decline their lies, give no consent.

  2. Ukulele, whistle, clap, the sweet sound of our authoritarian overlords trying to relate to us peasants. Get shot up full of our wonderful vaccines, because we really do care about you and your health, really, we do… we promise!

  3. TEDROS is such a DISGRACE to the whole world. You’ve regretted US funding and now you’ll regret for killing the lives around the world. KARMA never forgets the address

  4. whay this tanos still at WHO and youtube support it what a shame big time i quess money can make youtube whatever you want

  5. WHO? are you? Bill Gates incorporated, how do vaccines work, that is definitely a question you should answer, we already know that Bill Gates uses them to depopulate humans, by using poor African and Indian children as guinea pigs, how ask them how they felt being killed and maimed by the Gates Foundation. My question is, why would someone who took a vaccine have to worry about others that did not? And would you do a video explaining the vaccines inserts and ingredients, also only way to catch a virus is to have it injected into you


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