08/12/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. Praise You Lord, for You and You Alone are protecting the US Stockmarket index, keeping it Solid, Steady and Strong. There is Power in the Name of Jesus.
    Children are a nations greatest investment.

  2. God Bless you Donald Trump , i am from Australia and i watch you and i believe that you are the one and only one AMERICA ever had a such a president with BIG BOLLS. (LOVE YOU)

  3. Shut the schools down permanently, the teacher, building , bus can all be replaced on line from overpopulated India or Vietnam for just $2 a day. Keep kids safe. @

  4. Too many repetitive administrators in every school district, double or triple up and get back to teaching this is ridiculous nonsense! Cut all extras the system is bankrupt! Basic boring work educating American children, Too freaking bad! Do your job!

  5. The most amazing and greatest POTUS in history… God bless President Trump and his family for fighting for all of us..

  6. Agenda 21 – NATO King Thor Haakon = 666.
    Agenda 21 – NATO – Golden Spider and Horned Lamb = 911.
    Global Agenda 21 – UN Pope Omen = 911.
    Global Agenda 21 – UN Pope Omen – Great Beast Light = 1776.

    Global Agenda 21 of Pope Francis “Rome” Omen = 911.
    Global Agenda 21 of Pope Francis “Rome” Sealed = 911.

    Pro Israel – Great Beast Omen = 911.
    Pro Sheep – Thor Haakon Good NINE = 911.

  7. America Love The President of America Donald J Trump for make it America #1 we owe him the money or the life we have to pay one way or the other we have to die

  8. You the best of the best for America “ I say 2020 Again if not I go home to Ethiopia where I came from.”freedom is not free put the money or your life

  9. Nancy Pelosi makes me sic. Who in Gods right mind can’t see what’s up. The left has to be stopped at any cost. Dr F , Gates of hell, and the fat one are pushing the Agenda, all roads lead to Rome.

  10. Zero on student loans, except for Parent Plus! We’ve struggled to pay almost $200 per month this whole time. I’m a senior citizen, so it’s tough!

  11. please dont call president obama. hossin obama is his name. he has nothing for America and people. he doesn’t deserve president after his name he was shame for America 🤭🤥👹🤯🐀

  12. Please all libtards just move to Mexico and govern that country. Quit ruining USA. Quit the fighting. Such an unproductive illogical group of people that don’t make sense at all.
    Mr Trump is a wonderful good person. How could you not like him?

  13. If people want to do mail in ballot just make them go register for an absentee ballot. What is the big deal? no blind ballots. Must register for absentee if you want to vote by mail. Simple solution end of story

  14. If the socialist liberal democrats don’t believe you about voting fraud by mail in ballots tell their media socialist friends to research what happened in South Korea when they did mass mail in ballots


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