Colorado Classroom Announcement


Colorado Governor Jared Polis announces Colorado Classroom presented by RMPBS. Learn more at


  1. A strong foundation for our students would be to start with a salary that is aligned with licensed professionals, for our educators.

    Colorado should be ashamed of the low pay it provides. We can not and will not, lure quality teachers to our beautiful state and our children suffer. Pay the teachers a salary that they can be considered “middle class.” They deserve to be paid much more than the paltry salaries they earn currently.

    Also, focus on teacher’s quality of life. If you take care of the teachers, they will take care of our children/future. I am not a teacher but, I fully realize that they are the most important licensed professionals we have in this country. They are our very best “investment tool” for the future.

    I deeply appreciate those servant-hearted teachers. Many of you are appreciative too! We should all show that appreciation with tangible improvements in the quality of life for these highly influential people.


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