#HealthForAll Film Festival 2020: Awards Ceremony



  1. WHO sucks and lies, should be totally defunded along with the UN, then tear down the UN building and kick all out of the USA.

  2. A serious topic, that is concerning. What of the angels of death syndrome. Some nurses in rare occasions, can be rogue. Both female and male and LGBTIQ. This is a real problem where professionals/carers that have high, direct contact with the vulnerable . The pedophiles, angels of death , the psychological forensic specialists, prison guards, age care workers, etc should be a focus. Care workers of people with different abilities, ie: blind ( who usually have a heightened hearing sense) and other differences in abilities we all take for granted as general.Those who perform female genital mutilation in the name of culture, is an extreme.
    These jobs/ volunteer jobs all attract those with predatory psychologies of varied spectrums. We need to ensure that we have improved measures of detecting these antisocial personalities as they have exclusive private contact with the vulnerable that can be difficult to account for. The victims of these predators are too often silenced. The predators are experts at obtaining the guardians trust.They themselves can be predators in rare events. We should never prejudge, and always look for outliers.
    Silence of the lambs,The Butterfly effect and Dexter are artistic adaptations of this issue.

  3. are they really talking about award shows? this is what they have become…shut up and do your job. which your org hasnt done for years.

  4. سلام،، حوار بين الجميلات جميل و الحب يعنونوه من مسلسلات و انتاج لكن لم افهم لان لا ترجمه بالغه العربيه


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