First Lady Melania Trump Visits The Mary Elizabeth House



  1. ….love both of them too ,..although i am not an American. They are not Fake personalities….BTW,..why you guys call them these pet names POTUS and FLOTUS??…..anyone please

  2. Donald Trump will resign later today
    Trump will not return to NY since they will not allow him in the state
    Trump will move to Russia
    Melania will be moving in with LeBron James

  3. Parents we must raise up our kids in the way they should go so their soul and their health may prosper. So their innocence won’t be robbed by predators leaving them a life of brokenness. We must warn our kids of the devastation of sin and fornication. They took prayer out of school and our kids are hooked on drugs killing themselves and each other. We must run back to Jesus and his teachings. He is the way the truth and the life and the truth makes us free. Mans ways and understanding leads to destruction

  4. Uh oh, Melania is wearing a mask. So Trump was not making a political statement, it was only his personal preference. The left is going to be super confused.

  5. Sad to hear how some of you continue to put down Mitchell Obama, as Frist the people’s House,so call White House.all you people’s does is divide us,its crazy. All the Ladys came in the people’s House has done a great jobs,Mitchell, Obma work her assoff to her the military Families of people’s on that Front line.Mitchell Obama has always done great things along with the others ladies in the people’s house
    They all are doning what needed to get done.quick trying to divide every one, its crazy to do so, Sara

  6. She is such a loving person. I love our first lady Melania Trump and her husband, our President Donald Trump to death. May God bless them and keep them in His Love. ❤💕💕💕

  7. Thank you very much Divine Soul and Being Family Melania Trump and all Divine Souls and Being Family !!! Love and Light Big Thank You Love !!!

  8. Nice to have a first lady that doesn’t complain all day long about how oppressed she is, I mean come on lady you’re the 1rst lady what more do you want ? (M.O) 🤔


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