Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. You told us it wasnt contagious. You are liars and you should be on trial for murdering hundreds of thousands and destroying businesses. Disgusting!

  2. Corona virus is a decade old disease in poultry called infectious bronchitis IB, well controlled in large commercial poultry farms by dozens of poultry vaccines, many strains available worldwide now. Text book disease long ago disappear now farm with strategic vaccination programs are full of vaccine viruses no field virus.It’s time WHO to consult veterinary experts from international poultry companies or poultry vaccine companies to gain some experience for human fighting on COVID19

  3. take ur cheek towards me please i just want to slap u tight u illiterate bastards and all of u🙏🙏u doesn’t deserve that bt still shamelessly holding that position for Money 🙏🙏 shameless and self respect less people 🙏

  4. We no need vaccine because super star amitabh bacchan is getting cure without any medicine from covid .So no use of vaccine .

  5. How can this Tedros villain, THIS narcissistic CCP villain, still speak for the WHO. He has brought the organisation to utter disgrace but refuses to step down. Mind boggling. One can only assume that the CCP has complete dominance of the WHO now.

  6. I am not going to stay home for months in quarantine, no way, never. The New World Order has failed and cant control me anymore. I am free forever no matter what.

  7. Reporter: (clear question) waste water analysis reveal the prevalence of the virus in Spain since March 2019.
    Mike: bla bla bla, we should find the intermediate animal host and China are doing a great job.

  8. What WHO can’t say is that it’s all our federal governments’ responsibility to feed and provide for every one of us so we can isolate in good health, while they exponentially advance our testing infrastructure. Instead, Trump is doing nothing and more people die. I’m grateful that this virus hasn’t touched you (those who criticize WHO), but I guarantee, at this rate, it will. 💔💔✌️😷😷😷😷😷💓

  9. Live Markets where Animals are slaughtered in public is dirty, cruel, and spreads covid. The World Health Organization must ban these disgusting filthy slaughter markets now throughout the world. There are several live markets in NY city.

  10. In my opinion.. we should keep on listening to WHO guidelines as well as our country researchers also.. anyhow both of them want to save life’ we should encourage them.. what happened was a past. We should think about our future and live with compassion

  11. After listening to the whole question answer part, it make me laugh because all WHO’s answers are not directly answer the questions. All this three doctors looks like a record machine which looping and looping the words, but sorry no answer. Ha, Ha, Ha……


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