Gov. Polis announces order allowing businesses to require people to wear masks


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday he had signed an executive order that will allow businesses to deny services to people who do not wear a mask inside.


  1. I wear a mask. No problem….but I see other’s go in places that require masks without masks. So? If businesses require, they need to monitor.

  2. Governor Polis you can’t read us bible verses when the bible states your lifestyle is an abomination. Don’t quote us from something sacred when you yourself are a disgrace.

  3. So wearing a mask helps spread the virus but yet everyone is going out and touching things and we take them home… so whats the point of the mask not like we wash everything we get with Clorox. Also going to eat in restaurant we don’t wear a mask to eat so there is no point in wearing a mask. If people are scared then they can wear them, but I am not so I will NOT!

  4. COVID-19 is still a thing? I thought it wasn’t given the mass gatherings with zero social distancing.

  5. This mask thing is nonsense scientifically and morally. What a sad time we live in when we close down entire hospital floors, lay off nurses and doctors, and make millions suffer from lack of medical care so we can watch the virus run rampant through retirement homes. Also, real men who are healthy don’t wear a mask everywhere because we have a spine and understand you and your ilk have lied and pushed false numbers and information. This will never be China where we wear masks on a regular basis. If that’s what you believe should happen you are a pathetic excuse for an American. “Live free or die” is the only reason you have any freedom.

  6. Where us all outrage about the protesters killing people’s grand parents. Where is the outrage!!!! O that’s rightit when it supports the liberal agenda your immune from the virus. Trump 2020


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