WATCH LIVE: Colorado Governor Jared Polis provides an update on the state’s COVID-19 response


Gov. Polis is providing an update as new rules are guidelines are expected for pools and other outdoor recreations areas.

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  1. I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN…’m past tired..of not being able to get a cup of coffee at 8PM on a Thursday night at 7-11 because THUGS run unchecked on the streets of Denver all night because Polis is afraid of them. So you lock in the decent people.and run all over our rights ??? Hmmmm. I WONT BE VOTING DEM EVER AGAIN. You pos.

  2. TRUST ME…PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED UP WITH THIS B.S. I’m the most patient person in the world..and when I’m at my breaking point..I guarantee there are millions more a head of me.

  3. This is a loads of crap, but why is everyone going after protesting??? We may need to very soon for this VERY CRAP he’s pulling! MOST of those protesting are not thugs, criminals, and crazy people. Those are just the ones the media is highlighting. We can’t comment under YouTube videos and twitter and expect these people to stop this tyrannical behavior!!

  4. This is so stupid. WTF is he doing, calling rioters that are nothing but bums looting stuff “protesters”. They are God damn looting, hurting people and causing anarchy. If this idiot let’s this continue, civil war will happen. What does he think people are just going to stand by and watch as the police do nothing while business’s are burned, people are beat in the streets, people’s property is stolen while the cops watch! 8 days now and he is more concerned of us watching his stupid mask commercial! I see the Capital has plenty of cops protecting it, what about your stuff? How can he talk about this with riots and people hurting. I have lost confidence in my local government, in law enforcement, the governor and me and my loved ones welfare. So we’re do we go from here!!!! It’s time to protest his lack of leadership. And this mask thing is so stupid, all there doing is making people sick, not stopping anything. It’s just going to be a bunch of robbers because everyone has a mask on and no jobs. Smart move, not…..

  5. Great job Polis. Now you gave more people a reason to not give business to a small business already struggling if they refuse service to someone just because they won’t wear a mask. Really helpful here and trendy, garbage I’m tired of hearing about a new “normal” and you news stations following suit. I’m not very outspoken but I’m getting fed up.


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