Group sues over Polis’ executive order allowing online signature gathering in Colorado


A group of wealthy business leaders, known as Colorado Concern, filed a lawsuit Monday, claiming Gov. Jared Polis’ order violates the state constitution.

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  1. How refreshing to finally have a governor in Colorado who’s not a complete whore for oil/gas, industrial agriculture, mining, government employees, military industrial murder machine. Lets logically and systematically get rid of these obscenities. Grateful for the objectivity of next 9news. Thanks Kyle

  2. Quit voting for Leftists (e.g. Democrats).

    I’ll bet our flaming cigarette Governor Polyp wishes he could get his China Virus swab up the poop-chute.

  3. Republicans trying to change the course again. They’ll cheat, lie and break laws behind closed doors to stay in power. They know things like voting by mail in ballets would wipe them out and they fear that greatly.

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