Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 03 June 2020


Broadcast on 03 June 2020, direct from Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme and Dr Soumya Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist


  1. If Corona was spread because of bats, what if you collect all alive bats sample from every country in this earth and examine which kind of bats that’s possibly spread Corona virus to human body.

  2. They are just like the Energizer bunny cause they’ve just keep on talking and talkin’ and going and going………..

  3. @20:08
    Virus tend to evolve to live with the human .
    It is not of too much intrest to the virus to do the damage once it learns to survive.
    Vitamin D and C are not essential.

  4. Michael Ryan is a terrorist. He and his family should be individually socially isolated in a detention camp.

  5. Me: (sneeze)

    Who: close the economy! We need ventilators!!! We need face masks!!! Except for us. We are above the law.

  6. Science: Chloroquine Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread
    Martin J Vincent et al. Virol J. 2005.

    Who: it’s not safe!!!! Push propaganda so we can make everyone afraid! We need face masks!!! We need more ventilators!!!!! Close the global economy down!!!!

  7. By inhaling of the vapors of eucalyptus leaves or oil for ‘COVID-19’ ,can decrease the ‘Death rate’ by improving respiratory system.
    (We can save many lives)
    Eucalyptus is also very helpful in avoiding other symptoms of Covid-19.
    Please it is request test it.

  8. did anyone notice how Dr. Tedros did NOT answer the question (33:38) regarding China’s lack of informing the world of Coronavirus?

  9. WHO is more like old news channel because their information is always the last……………………………………

  10. hope people don’t forget the Tamiflu scam by WHO and chinese regime on SARS and avian flu outbreak, or much bigger. Gooogle had removed most of these scams.

  11. The major aims of WHO is killing innocent human beings.WHO just realized: to advice people to put on surgical masks after too many people are die of Wuhan virus.


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