LIVE Q&A on breastfeeding



  1. Thanks for answering a lot of questions but this interview only showed one side of the formula feeding research. I’d love it if you can add the links to his studies in the description. When I remember right, many of the benefits of breastfeeding relate to intensive skin contact. This is also the reason why fathers that feed with a bottle are recommended to hold the baby similar. Furthermore, many women feel as a bad mother and think they have to deal on their own if they are talked out of formula feeding. As he said in most cases the mother can produce enough milk but there is a difference between a lot to less and only slightly not enough. In the last case additional formula feeding could help but mothers often think that they only need to try more even though it is not good for the child’s development. We know from historic records that it is not a new problem as many women were not able to give any or enough milk and the lack of social acceptance can be a mental burden.

    However a big problem that was not mentioned is the cost of formula. There was a political debate whether discounts on formula feeding should be illegal as they seem cheap at the beginning but later they become a financial burden as prices rise, especially poor families that depend on it. Interestingly, many of the criticisms were related to advertising. Almost all products have the described consequences and not all of them are necessarily less than those of formula feeding. Restrictions on advertisement don’t solve the problem in our society but allow counter-movements to spread misinformation. For example some people died or have suffered damage because they thought abortion is no option whatsoever even though the complications in the pregnancy would be a warn signal for a medical specialist long before. In other cases like tobacco and alcohol strangely no restrictions apply. Advertisement restrictions should not be reported one sided. I do not say you should only report their bad effects but he clearly chooses to ignore some valid critic points.

  2. So much people I know stopped breastfeeding cause some of there family members said I would he better and easier to feed with the bottle…after one year of giving birth my girl still loves my breast more than anything else, she drinks my milk from the bottle sometimes bit when there is a formula inside she just split it out!
    She is the only one who never were ill every baby I know who only get formula were ill at least 3 times….

  3. I need a certificate (document) from you (from your health organization – WHO), so as not to wear a mask. I am a healthy person with stable immunity. Analysis on COVID-19 – the result is I’m healthy.


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