President Trump Participates in a Roundtable Discussion


The White House


  1. WOW the strength in unity displayed here is amazing. Really touching and inspiring. Thank you President Trump, this amazing administration and the leaders here in this roundtable discussion. You are setting an amazing example for the WORLD to see and adopt. Very well done.

  2. This is such an important meeting, there should be two cameras recording all these roundtables. I wonder what reason the cameraperson is going to give…

  3. What criminal justice reform was done? What prison reform? Is it federal only? Oklahoma needs some major reform

  4. It’s become a CHALLENGE – for some reason… to find “The White House” videos with comments turned on….
    Reminds me of how Fox “News” has turned off comments.

  5. This is a much a discussion as that table is round……….It’s squarely a round of stick out your tongue and taste the fudge.

  6. All peoples can with little trouble come up with a long list of historical grievances. This gives each person a clear pathway, you can either nurse your grievances or accept what was and move on to what you can do. One thing for sure if you choose the path of nursing grievance it is going to take a lot of strong medicine or a lot of alcohol and drugs because self inflicted pain is hardest to treat. I am reminded of (subject was nuclear weapons) but the advice is good. “Russell-Einstein Manifesto: We appeal, as human beings, to human beings: Remember your humanity and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open for a new paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.

  7. Australia
    Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn says America “is finished” if US President Donald Trump doesn’t prevail at the upcoming election given the widespread protests which have been witnessed across the country this week.
    Mr Finn told Sky News “most of the Democrat governors (and) most of the Democrat mayors, they actually want this to continue”.
    “Because this is a part of what they see as a campaign to bring down President Trump”.
    However Mr Finn said this ploy would “blow up in their faces” as many people who have watched the scenes on television this week “would actually be very fearful of the future”.
    “And would be particularly fearful of the future if a silly old duffer like Joe Biden became president”.
    Mr Finn said “if Donald Trump does not prevail, America is finished”.

  8. Our President’s Business Acumen is the “Magic Band’ Previous Presidents did not have both Democrat and Republican.

  9. I’m SO GLAD to hear you’re holding rallies again, Mr. President ❤️💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾🇺🇸❤️POTUS

  10. “Policemen” are “policy men”. They enforce the POLICIES of the state “governmental” entities. They are revenue agents for the attorney run CORPORATIONS doing business as municipal governments. REPEAT: they are REVENUE AGENTS for the towns, cities, and counties.

  11. AMEN!!!!! More Black Conservatives are SO NEEDED for the Black communities!!!!!!❤️💪🏽💪🏾👍🏾🇺🇸

  12. Please do not overlook the targeted genocide by Dem policies of African Americans through ABORTION!!!! And the abolishment of the black male roles in the lives of younger generations!!!!

  13. Defund Police – A Beast Master = 911.
    Defund Police – A Beast Agenda 21 = 666.
    Defund Police – A Beast Agenda 21 – TRUMP Great Beast dark lord = 1776.
    Defunding Police Dark Lord = 911.
    Defunding Police Dark Lord – Great Beast nr nine = 1776.
    Defunding Police Dark Lord – Great Beast light = 1776.

    Defund Police Of Dark Lord = 911.
    Defund Police of Dark Lord – Great Beast nr nine = 1776.
    Defund Police Of Dark Lord – Great Beast light = 1776.

  14. Need a regular clean good school Period. Charter schools seem to be for only special students. No reason to not have great old history schooling. GET RID OF COMMON CORR BILL GATES

  15. For my birthday I wish Sir Donald J. Trump an endlessly happy blue sea, with roses of love & hope & happiness that keeps coming back to you, whoever you are x sad in life, it should float in joy from Germany 💌 by R.Sp

  16. We can not tear apart our nation over a few bad nutjob cops. Mr. Chauvin is facing the law presently as he should. The Left is now acting criminal.

  17. I like to ask from President Trump & Black Community their has been a protesting in USA for A black American killed by policemen why You are silent on Kashmir Situation their has been a curfew & lockdown for many months Shame for UN & USA

  18. Not all minorities are democrats. As a Hispanic I support President Trump and the republican party’s conservative values.
    The media especially the Hispanic media needs to stop putting us in a box.


  20. At least President Trump is trying to be fair with everyone but we should stand behind Trump and the job he’s doing is just great

  21. Awesome discussion, I feel as though I’d learned a lot, it’s very sad the Left and the fake news will do nothing but stifle your voices ,I’ll do what I can by sharing this video with the hope someone on the left will watch .Trump 2020!

  22. The White House needs to hire audio visual professionals. These videos usually have bad video or bad audio or both. No excuses!

  23. That fiery woman was Sonny Johnson who became well known thanks to Steve Bannon when he was Editor in Chief of Breitbart News. He was her mentor. Wait, I thought Breitbart and Bannon were racist and sexist!

  24. I just can’t help but think how heart-wrenching it must be for these men and women to work so hard, especially for the black community, just to see the left try to unravel the whole thing. It’s good to hear that they are still working. Black lives certainly matter more to them than to those who are destroying our Country. You can see and feel it.


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