Live Q&A on mental health and COVID-19. Ask your questions!


Live Q&A on mental health and COVID-19. Ask your questions!


  1. Is it true that you signed a belt and roads deal with the CCP and you were not able to pay which is why you are now the CHO?

  2. if it a chance get infected with covid19 while we are grooming in red zones please postpone the direct interaction in different offices and schools in telangana in place of taking direct duties please suggest our telangana state to do jobs from home in all departments of india

  3. for common man of wage labours in the telangana state of india,it is very horrible situation in villages particularly there is no chance to get the information according positive cases people are getting as primary contacts so please give some strict orders according this pandemic situation in telangana state of india

  4. I knew the lockdown alone was going to be challenging for people. Also challenging was interpersonal relationship. My first experience was when I had to attend hospital for blood test. Everyone I met on the way, seemed to be on their guard & that clearly concerned me because I felt the trust & security for these people was shattered by the COVID – 19 infection. The moment I got into the escalator & joined by others, l realised that the social distancing that kept people in their securred environment, was not applicable & that heightened the insecurity & anxiety of the occupants.
    I believe, COVID – 19 has created a situation of insecurities & uncertainties in people, which will require addressing. One dare not have a genuine cough on the bus or train anymore.
    In view of this concept, I believe, people must be careful of what they say to strangers, in particular why they do not have a mask on. It has been demonstrated in the news, the negative effect that lead to unreasonable physical attacks on persons who had made such
    As COVID -19 is here to stay, I do believe, these insecurities in people will persist, unless positively addressed through education & understanding.

  5. I think some countries are dying with economic crisis. I think it’s better for WHO to make the vaccine of COVID 19 ready to market as soon as possible… WE ARE TIRED TO LISTEN LIKE THIS, …

  6. Are they planning on adding
    anything related to “COVID-19”,
    THIS COMING FALL 2020”??

  7. The real qeustion is how much influince does China have on youre publicity, Not to mention the corrupt CEO Tendros got hes spot just cause of china, Why are you guys blocking qeustions about taiwan, Just like you’re ceo did in a intervieuw with a taiwan’s interviewer This only shows how corrupt you’re orgenization is ,Thank god U.S.A Stopped funding this

  8. The God within any human being can not be contained by any organization or system made by man or by those who rebelled against God. Only the perfect vision of the One God IS manifest on Earth Mother and humanity. For God anything is possible.


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