Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. You scumbags are promoting a fake crisis. It isn’t a pandemic. The data is fake and you have all already been exposed. Just STOP the lies!!!
    Not only that, you jerks are blocking cures and viable treatments because you want to vaccinate the world population with your poison.

  2. COVID-19 briefing 20 July 2020
    1:07 DG opening remarks.
    7:53 Why contact tracing matter?
    9:53 How to do contact tracing?
    13:58 When outbreak is huge, is it impossible?
    15:33 Can new technology (apps) replace people?
    16:58 Is it possible without vaccine?
    18:45 Vaccine update?
    21:27 Latin America concern, data accuracy & contact tracing?
    29:52 Equitable distribution of vaccines?
    39:22 Use of mask?
    42:20 South Africa follow WHO guidance but cases is increasing, what else can it do?
    48:24 Ebola outbreak update?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  3. Tedros now preaches contact tracing after telling the world that there is no human to human transmission……WHO are laughable.

  4. There is no virus.. They have not isolated any virus!! Look it up!! This is a 40yr. Plan world economic forum, agenda 21 2030 look them up read their page! Trust stamp is rolling out now in africa! You can’t afford to be lazy an accept what these criminals are telling you! This vaccine will sterilize you and your kids an modify your genes!! There are no testing. Please please I have nothing to gain from this.. They do!! Do not take this vaccine
    Stand up research fight back!

  5. Hi. Why dont WHO contact the most used message app providers of the world send EVERYBODY messages so you can trace symptoms. in Brazil everybody uses Whatsapp and that would have a huge impact on isolating cases and sending aid before reaching hospitals.

  6. Sir, of the number of people you just told us about in Peru having tested positive for COVID-19, how many of them has become ill from COVID 19?

  7. Dr Tedros please stop speaking shits💩💩💩 only say positive➕ word in covid pandemic conference. But one thing sure you are not deserve for WHO

  8. This is all common sense, things we already know. The problem is its so easy for them to insist on contact tracing, vaccine, etc, without them realizing the difficulty of executing those. In short it soo easy for who to say do this or do that, because theyre just talking without sending any teams in the field to assist countries. Also the advise of who almost always WRONG..

  9. For more than six months thousands of the most cleverest people on earth have studied over a million cases and billions of $ have been spend; and the best they can come up with is; “wash your hands, ware a mask and keep your distance”, that’s about the same strategy as during the black plague in the 1300’s.


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