President Trump Is Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans



  1. Thank you Mr president Donald Trump and thank you for my voice president Mr prence and God bless everything and God bless America .

  2. Your ex CIA Robert David Steele
    Do you even consider that your condescending attitude my come across as races. Your cavalier attitude as you decide which black voices are relevant. You have decided what legitimate black leadership is.
    You’re discussing us as if we are less than human and have no rights that needs to be respected.

  3. 🇺🇸😍🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸😍🇺🇸We will stand with United states of America.keep walking last stop is peace.

  4. Wrong. You are telling g us what we must do with our own body. Regulation upon the most personal part of an American our bodies. Mandatory mask mandatory test mandatory vaccine perhaps. Worse than ever. Worry about American individual constitutional rights Trump an i might come back to ya.

  5. The commies don’t want what Trump is doing. they want the government to pay for everything and be in control!

  6. Hippy chicks for Trump👍🙏🌟Freedom from fear, Freedom from invasion, Freedom from government control and over taxing, Religious Freedom, Freedom to work and not loose jobs to foreigners, equal rights. All advanced due to Trumps work! Thank you President of America!

  7. The American people are blessed to have Trump as President. Bureaucratic red tape chokes a country to death. What a breath of fresh air he is to cut so many regulations. We need the same done here in Australia too. Pity we don’t have a strong leader like Trump to do it. Go Trump!

  8. Trump won’t stop until he takes the country back to the pre-EPA and we become a polluted third world country.

  9. The states of California, Texas and New York will soon become independent states with their own national currency and flag.
    A gangster and terrorist in the uniform of the president


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