Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Today on my commuting way, I see this city very calm and safe like usual. And this city has expressed the will and cooperation to defend the recovery.

  2. Clearly Milan supported by the two systems. So in the first west stage, those sites have been “upgraded”?

  3. Idiotas ladrones…intente vivir con 200 dolares. Asi se dara cuenta que sus recomendacion y su organizacion no sirve y es derroche de presupuesto.

  4. Good afternoon. In Russia and in many countries, a medicine drugs against coronavirus has appeared. Why does WHO not cancel the pandemic? There are new drugs and the pandemic is not canceled Why is there a cure and the pandemic continues and the vaccine is drip in Russia?

  5. great news folks blm found a vaccine
    it’s smoke from burning cities, clears it right up
    thank god china is not responsible for this virus

  6. You are completely fake Organization. China give you money and you all poppet of China. World chines Organization

  7. I wonder why he didn’t resign yet? 1m people have signed the petition against this corrupted idiot, he sold his country and the whole world for money from China.


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