Vice President Pence: “The Great American Comeback Has Begun”



  1. Great President. Working Hard for America. You need to make sure you keep your Great President so make sure You, your Family and all your Friends Vote Trump this Year . Nigel Village, England,, UK

  2. Premature reopening + idiots abandoning CDC recommendations = record daily case numbers in many states. It was avoidable.

  3. Пенс, если зайти на ютуб Белого дома.
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  4. Фейки это обычная работа за деньги “авторитетных” изданий и их социологических опросов.

    Нові документи, подані до Міністерства юстиції США, показують, що з листопада 2016 року China Daily виплатила понад 4,6 млн доларів Washington Post і майже 6 млн доларів The Wall Street Journal.

    China Daily, англомовна газета, яка контролюється Відділом пропаганди комуністичної партії Китаю (КПК).

    За останні кілька років вона витратила мільйони доларів на те, щоб випускати доповнення під назвою China Watch, що містить пропаганду, замасковану під новини, великих американських газетах, зокрема The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times і Washington Post.

  5. Want food? Fund police. Truck driver mortality is high when there is no police. If you want to buy food at the store that was not looted, fund and support police. Else starve with the leftist utopia.

  6. 🚨After the Chinese Communist Party attacked Malaysia and Indonesia in their Exclusive Economic Zone. The Chinese Communist Party, despite international law, continues to use force to attack Vietnamese fishermen right on Vietnam’s 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone. Asean called on the United Nations, the United States, Europe, International Law and the World Community to defend Asia.🇺🇸🇪🇺🇯🇵🇦🇺🇮🇳🇮🇱🇷🇺

  7. Thanks VP Pence. What your doing for American workers is amazing. Maybe could you do a speach on how we plan on bringing jobs home. Plus what we can do to move manufacturing out of china to other developing nations that share our intrests. Moving manufacturing out of China is the number one thing on my mind. Lets have a round table about the subject

  8. Mr. President Trump.
    Win the 2020 presidential election.
    Let’s Win Strong America.
    Thank you very much. Vice President Pence.


  10. Seems under this pep rally psyop that some of us Patriots whom were fighting for the sheep may never survive the economy lie.

    We are broken.

  11. Yes it is a great thing to see that things are coming back I’m glad of that the only thing that needs to be done is require everyone to wear masks just like they do in China because as of right now the coronavirus is spiky especially in Georgia going up and up and up


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