President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit the Korean War Veterans Memorial



  1. President Trump is the greatest president of the United States. He is the messenger of God, the enemy of the devil.

  2. 23,332. Sniper fire. Thick jungle. 5 men… bout half of us. I threw two grenades….sprayed machine gun fire….5 meter spread…stay down…go right..left. Stay down…draw fire. Up! Up! Machine gun fire……..Again……he’s dead! Tied to a tree….confirmed. Everybody alright? Yes and No! We’re still alive! He’s dead! Victory! They didn’t get there money’s worth out of him. Tactics…and basic medical care…..and American brotherhood! Keep your eyes open! Ears too. He might have buddy’s…….let’s get the hell out of here! Helicopters on there way! Good! Direct pressure… tourniquet….you HOLD HERE! You keep an eye on him…..keep him conscience. You still with me?

  3. Mr. President, thank you for these 4 years of your presidency, I personally saw many benefits while your were President and I saw a positivy direction in my life, I can say that my life took a better turn; and while the previous administration focused on helping foreign labor, illegal aliens and higher taxes, you did the opposite, focused on jobs for American citizens, lower taxes, and the rule of law, thank you Mr. President, I will vote for you again in November and I hope God allows four more years of your Presidency #MAGA

  4. If you want to remove these statures do it in a peaceful way, go to court and tell the world why its should be removed

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    Abids Road, Troop Bazaar, Koti, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001
    9FQG+7J Hyderabad, Telangana, India🇮🇳Asia🌏🌍

    Telangana State Police Headquarters,
    Lakdikapul Rd, opposite Ravindra Bharathi, Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
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    Income Tax Towers,
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    What’s ‘Find the Plus Code beside the Plus Code logo  , such as 8QQ7+V8, Dublin.’ ???Germany🇩🇪

     @Noneya  welcome to space exploration with animal’s?
    Animals in space,
    Space pioneer Miss Baker, a squirrel monkey, rode a Jupiter IRBM into space in 1959.
    Non-human animals in space originally served to test the survivability of spaceflight, before human spaceflights were attempted. Later, other non-human animals were flown to investigate various biological processes and the effects microgravity and space flight might have on them. Bioastronautics is an area of bioengineering research which spans the study and support of life in space. To date, seven national space programs have flown animals into space: the Soviet Union🇷🇺🇮🇳, the United States🇻🇦, France🇫🇷, Argentina🇦🇷, China🇨🇳, Japan🇯🇵  and Iran🇮🇷.
    Landmarks for animals in space
    1947: First animal in space
    1949: First monkey🐒 in space
    1950: First mouse🐁 in space
    1951: First dogs🐩 in space
    1957: First animal in orbit
    1963: First cats🐈 in space
    1968: First animals in deep space and to circle the Moon
    2007: First animal survives exposure to space.
    A wide variety of non-human animals have been launched into space, including monkeys, dogs, cats, tortoises, mice, frogs, and insects. The United States launched flights containing monkeys and primates primarily between 1948 and 1961 with one flight in 1969 and one in 1985. France launched two monkey-carrying flights in 1967. The Soviet Union and Russia launched monkeys between 1983 and 1996. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet space program used a number of dogs for sub-orbital and orbital space flights.[1]
    Two tortoises and a variety of insects were the first inhabitants of Earth to circle the Moon, on the 1968 Zond 5 mission. Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, and Phooey were five mice who circled the Moon 75 times in the orbiter of the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, the last crewed voyage to the Moon.
    Landmark’s for every decadial Exploration’s
    How about a musical explanation of explorations
    Nampalli Station Song Lyrics Erra Mallelu Movie (1981)
    నాంపల్లి టెషనుకాడి రాజాలింగో ఓ ఓ రాజాలింగ
    రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ
    లింగా రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ

    తిందామంటే తిండీ లేదు ఉందామంటే ఇల్లే లేదు
    తిందామంటే తిండీ లేదు ఉందామంటే ఇల్లే లేదు
    చేదామంటే కొలువూ లేదు పోదామంటే నెలవు లేదు
    నాంపల్లి టెషనుకాడి రాజాలింగో ఓ ఓ రాజాలింగ
    రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ
    ఓ లింగా రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శంభులింగ

    గుక్కెడు గంజి కరువైపాయె బక్కడి ప్రాణం బరువైపాయె
    గుక్కెడు గంజి కరువైపాయె బక్కడి ప్రాణం బరువైపాయె
    బీదాబిక్కి పొట్టలుకొట్టి మేడలుకట్టే సీకటి శెట్టి 
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    రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ
    లింగా రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ

    లేని అమ్మది అతుకుల బతుకు
    ఉన్న బొమ్మకి అందం ఎరువు
    కారల్లోన తిరిగే తల్లికి కట్టే బట్ట బరువైపాయె
    నాంపల్లి టెషనుకాడి రాజాలింగో ఓ ఓ రాజాలింగ
    రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ
    ఓయ్ లింగా రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ

    ముందు ఒప్పులు వెనక తప్పులు వున్నవాడికే అన్ని చెల్లును
    ముందు ఒప్పులు వెనక తప్పులు వున్నవాడికే అన్ని చెల్లును
    ఉలకావేమి పలకావేమి బండారాయిగ మారిన బావి
    నాంపల్లి టెషనుకాడి రాజాలింగో ఓ ఓ రాజాలింగ
    రామారాజ్యం తీరును సూడు శివా శంభులింగ
    Movie    :  Erra Mallelu
    Lyrics    :  Prabhu
    Music    :  Chakravarthi
    Singer   :  S P Sailaja

  6. 26,442. Someone coming up behind you? Choke hold hold from behind…….ideally you apply and step backwards. However….however. A trained man….will instinctively fall to his knees….grabbing your head…..flipping you over….squarely on your back…or worse. So….again. Offensive is great! Provided….your positive they can’t counter-move you. Military works very similar. Got to be ready! Falling to your knees… not natural. Unless you have been trained. The look in there eyes! They were not expecting that…..and so all there other plans. Are now mute.

  7. So good to see our President and the First Lady paying their respects at the Korean War Veterans Memorial. The statues look so life like and amazing. I hope no one vandalizes these beautiful heritage .

    cnn said wasn’t briefed now she says briefed on everything
    DIV V A  St So Vi et 


    t i e A l l y

    t AI All y 


    VВ U АNDэd


    Never 4get

    s p a y  s i  v y i


    Al Baghdad was HR ISIS?

    and who was financing him? Biden and friends? so what is going on?

    killed HR 

    now some of these freedom fighter used for sabotage ad dirty operation were hired but some of them now get to go back to Europe. 

    That was Kurds, but free army in Syria they remain and they attack Trurkey?

    Not Syrian army but rebels, but since teh independent syrian army that was US ally supposedly recognized by US as free Syrian then they say the syria has conflict with Trurkey when Syria  think undefended army supported by US military who attack Turkey are ISIS attacks. 

    So what is happening in Afragnistan. There is suppression of USIS and Al Baghdad HR department get to shut down?

    The Afghanistan president is ally unlike Syran president therefor there is Afgany army fighting? ISIS? who is not at the table? UK?

    so who is sponsoring so called terrosist in Afghanistan?

    US cant sponsor them caus ether eis US army there?

    So who is s p oNso rr y NG ISIS and was sponsoring ISIS? who wanted Bahdagy dead so he cant say who ever did?

    see so that conflict died down. But Afganisan can revive ISIS any time really. There is lot of over zealous extremist there if the head of HR is dead and no attacks being ordered recently it doe snot really mean anything. But US army can go back now to US. However the army is there in afghanistan maybe they are told do not attack . But actually once US gets removed, what they can do is use the infrastructure they have in place and schedule any attack on Russia from that border. IS Russia having any relation with Afghanistan?

    Cause literally there is possibility now to turn entire Afghanistan in a gian ISIS against Russia and attack from that border. The conflict n Afghanistan was nice to have. Kept Russian on its toes Than US. But now the main enemy is Russia.stp fighting for a small prize basically. 

    So it is a very dangerous situation why Afghanistan that s definitely was all scheduled. Why mention best submarines in the desert? with access to ocean ? is a meth

    Afganistant also is perfect for growing marihuana and opium. 

    that get equipment can be taken over by enemy or sold to them cause people who do assignments  for money and come from UK or France what do they care they resell.

    So if the “good” equipment is n Afghanistan it sure gets in hands of terrosti who sit tight now. and actually who is any more a terrorist. what about birth rate there and many of them radical uneducated peopel stoning their neighbors and killing they daughter or sister f they do not abide by pre area marriage. thsi country is a stone age. the former peopel from prevsiusl ike ther are the judges and police. narrow minded brutal animal like people who want revenge blood thirsty and who do not have an emotional rage very ridges people. liek adam shift can be reborn such an afghani female t be stoned by her husband she she or he cheats or do not clean the shoes properly or clean pots basically these type of intolerant peopel now going to be joint in one force to train in russian rage?

    old grAdjes?

    SA L o w m o n y ch

    CAst r u L A



    IN s p e k t r um 

    how can Airbnb inspect rum and make sure pics accurate?

    wa y t a se c o N D


    cali NГ

    MA y N D f u l nes t 

    s n e g 

    s u e 9

    s j u 9

    not sweat 

    but pan 


    not pan 

    ca s t r u l a


    f r i D J  i t 

    AI R

    AI St


    Di va s t 8 it

    blow L A ngie re?



    US LA N D j i g i t 


    v bag daddy use s p o c o Y NO

    sal va t o re ferra g a m ow

    SK o v o r  o d d A

    man had covered face tp not breath sand

    all over Z h e g l o w |3

    Vy so t sk y i 

    p o e s t o d i n?

    machina chetyre

    b e  r e ZA t 

    o s i  na 

    s e ll f u r ?

    do not kill animal for sell fur?

    NA to s hero ss t v

    t u va

    mosC Ally?

    cto 2 T t wat 

    zheleznyi za na ves


    SAUDAchA Pokaz A nii

    Alla d ean ch eck?

    L u s  

    h A 

    i p o v i n u  


    LA MP ee

    LAMB pee?

    t a va r ish?

    to var 

     p r o DAKt

    ku v s h i n

    de t y a  m do she st nad t sat i let

    this person But of his mind jeffrey wasn’t pedopile maybe it was om team cruise?

    this guys cant listen up to 0:33

    he was raped jeffrey in prison

    lay zer

    l a y z e s t 

    s a n r a f a e l

    there was a conversation first conversation that s why the type of things are confidential. there is conversations time to mull things ver hen make official statement. the whole situation was to oinbstruct justice about biden. and also to attack president and gain political power in upcoming election for the second term with Donal Trump as president clearly this need to happen that Adam shift be arrested and put to ail for his crimes. and obstruction of justice what in Mueller report said that he had already lied and obstructed any not even justice justice is the judge. 

    judges cant give one week notices to president president can fired any justice after they being appointed no?

    Like biden did in Ukraine and president cant do in its own country he is a president of?



    ca l i e  n Z

    epstein died 4 u or bc of u

    because f he was gay he might have enjoyed the rape

    maybe he was raped only mentally?

    people react violently and deny they have homosexual affairs or any affairs when they do not want to talk about it

     like adam shiff?

    there was the samshow at the end of obama presidency killing isis relocating HR department to Ukraine?

    per ky boobs?

    pest coo?

    hu is attacking turkey of isis does not get any oil?

    r they going to have head of military testify against president trump?

    what is this show of military superiority as to say do not let they say it is some body else. when bahdadu was killed there seem to have been an announcement there are too many alive in that HR department hiring ISIS 

    never ending story of defeating terrorist but actually they seem to work same scenario clean up links before the next president steps in kill old HR and new president new HR and then defeated by end of p residency

    LU VR

    kelly Ann archy?

    her cool yes? 

    her cu lest?

    A h i l l yes

    d o o r K e y ?

  9. Who would “thumbs down” a visit to the Memorial to the Korean War. That is so disrespectful to those men and women who gave their lives for us Americans, even those entitled ones who use hate to manage their decisions.!.

  10. 1022NNN

    there trained them to say as it is in the movies

    New Zeland leader what is her job or position 

    is nt the same thing she wants to talk to president of USA about New Zeland

    for benin  honest he got 4 out 5 the second best grade 

    they used to push at construction workers and the worked at night but they wanted the pan and cut the time to finish

    the sooner they tried to finish building the more they pushed to finish sooner 

    so they often said they need way longer to finish 

    the they really needed

    two sides 

    it look they did sloppy job but 

    maybe they painted in winter so they needed to know better

    they getting walll paper 

    very fashionable also can’t see right away walls not perfect

    no patching

  11. 1026

    L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar’s wife figures in FBI probe

    For years, Richelle Huizar stood by her husband, Jose Huizar, as his political star rose. She was seen as a strong contender to replace him on the Los Angeles City Council once he reached his term limit. 

    Now, as a federal investigation of City Hall corruption zeroes in on the councilman, filings by prosecutors raise questions about whether Richelle Huizar could be called to testify in a case targeting her husband.

    it doe nt make any sense about testifying 

    people lie a lot 

    those that testify

    epstein dies


    why not review the case to say he wasn’t pedophile

    his voice is shaking in outrage 

    congress pressuring judges cause judges dream of becoming congress??

    is so bizarre so u se they all lie 

    because the guy with his voice on record attacks someone else saying they interrupt the speech but he is the one making noise and yet he says someone else does interrupts and makes noise

    and that there are no rules about making noise

    justice act vote

    20 minutes 

    obama had been wrong on pulling troops out of afganistan 

    so he is saying it was obama pulled troups it was mistake in 2011

    Bolton:Taliban invite to camp David was turning point 

    how he got the job

    6 minutes listen to A shift

    A Shiff saying there are people who tis their career

    A Shiff doe nsot want an attacking competition attacking president he is says i do not need new friends attacking president 

    like Barr is risking  his carrier now

    is different things that Bolton feels that president need to be impeached

    start 1 h 11 minutes


    is standing fro antitrust and antiterrorism 

    so Barr is instigating 

    Barr prosecuted Flynn

    so it is a shared

    used a pretext dependent son

    they continue persecution now of Flynn 

    54 min start 

    Barr comments on criminal investigation before charges are filed

    see the investigator actually do not like to listen attacks on Barr

    Trumo has removed 5 inspector general

    Barr conducting Durham investigation into Russian interference?

    with help of Durham 

    Barr own role in Lafaeyette action 

    Barr crowning dishonesty

    is he risking his career to be around

    President Trump is not stable

    no rules when they can make noise

    1 h 5 min carrier attorney 

    kardashian lawyer 

    his opinion doe snot represent opinion of te department 

    10 investogation Barr launched into candies ant trust

    no evidence of antitrust merger

    so Barr likes to have the cannabiss industry 

    unpopular on the 5th floor

    prevented merger 

    whitlblower activity 

    produced millions of document 

    bonified anti trust issues

    businesses didn’t compete 

    so there wasnt competition 

    between companies 

    prevented merger 

    by overwhelming investigations

    why they say some else speaks do the create different record for transcripts then who really speak 

    1 h 10 min they said thank you attorney general ja z or gay zi 

    is is Michael B Mukasey

    former judge in New York

    department needs anti trust anti terrorism 

    leads most important government department

    justice department isn’t politicized 

    justice not sentencing guidelines 

    1 h 13 

    said publicly stone persecution was warranted and appropriate 

    trap judge agreed that sentencing was harsh

    defendant son that is conceilded from the court 

    so defendant son is flynn son or they use this defense for Biden that that investigation is for biden son

    general flynn 

    gag inducing feature kept from the court 

    Barr supported not persecuting Gabe

    Edward Lee son serves proudly

    it is about children to pass legacy

    Mr Zelensky

    1 h 18 minutes

    is that relative of Zelenskyi?

    The House Judiciary Committee is set to hear testimony Wednesday from a federal prosecutor and another witness who are expected to say that Attorney General William P. Barr and his top deputies have acted “based on political considerations” and a desire to appease President Trump.

    they try to say president Trump was briefed on recommendations to sentence oder Stone to sentencing 

    US Attorney was afraid of the president 

    political decisions were driving Barr decisions 

    Barr was afraid of president 

    to investigate antirust at the wimp of president Trump

    because Barr is acting at a whip of president Trump

    cause these investigation advance president Trump political agendas 

    canabis investigations that Barr is doing 

    harassing people

    so you see Barr is only doing everything because he is scared of president trump at president trump whim 

    W Brr will be help accountable

    Accountable means thank him

    completely unrelated to merits of the case

    at 1 hour 29 minutes they do not say names outlouad thy register it in transcripts 

    speaking about messes 

    Hillary Pfiser  investigations 

    13 democrats out of 17 career democrats

    doing investigation 

    conduct investigations on the merits 

    so Barr leaked archives abut Russian organized Taliban attacks 

    unite Blton statement what is in his book

    no investigation shall be instigated without Attorney General written memo 

    integrity of election 

    in February what February 2020 

    h issued a memo Attorney general Barr?

    outlining restrictions and policies 

    no investigation all be instigated absent of written approval of Attorney zzGeneral

    so W Barr did not issue memo to investigate Biden and that is the reason there was no investigation into Biden and his new Vp bak woman?

    investigation into presidential campaign 

    election upcoming 

    not handling possible investigation they worried only that they can’t investigate president trump as candidate and Mike Pence 

    green house gases 

    dry ice 

    and solar installation

    but they want to sell oil and gas 

    yet they do not want abortian but all these many people need jobs

    so why they processing all these bodies

    muscle car companies not deal with state of california

    matters to the life of children to the state of california.

    they ll worried if they had a jo like barr they would have to act at whim of president but they can always quit like Costa who worked for Barr 

    so thy say well my wife said just do the work say you did it at a whim of crazy president 

    Me Barr has come and testified and he comes again to testify 

    People civil rights had been violated 

    watched until 1 h 43 min 

    is while west they even wear bandanas 

    wild west 

    then the black woman talks about correcting wildness 

    friends of president

  12. 1025

    what taxes are in Washington DC??

    they nee dto be the same for general population there as Washington stat as federal level only affects federal government not the population of the cit y

    president of US and the people they do not pay state taxes actually because they are the government and many f them relocate form the state they have original residence so they are excused and they py taxes of the state which is their original if they dd not brake ties with that state 

     who reside or relocate to white house 

    requires they pay state taxes fro the state they are inn

  13. 1024

    secretlary of state so mike has hillary role 

    what about product produced in prison in US

    and force to have women to have abortion 

    where they going to have more than 2 children ??

    Mike was about to be fired 

    one time and for some reason he didn’t 

    china t buy soy bean places that affect reelection what is the question he said the question is non sense

    Mike is not talking like he thought through things carefully. in china they need population control otherwise they turn into india and sit under tree all day long in trans

    but in china it gets cold

    they eat bats there Mike cause there are places with extreme poverty there 

    but they actually recognize and try to work on this rather them pretending the problem doesnt 


    is Kelly Ann coaching Mike??

    ir Mac Cain i his dreams 

    china espionage 

    it used to be russian 

    how is china a big enemy

    who is taliban ?

    this is a lie 

    US provides weapons to taliban and ukrainian nazi

    president Trump isn’t briefed who briefed president on Sulemani and that wasn’t even accurate 



    so they want president Trump call president Putin to threaten 

    there is not regime

    in Russia

    what mess you clean 

    and it is true you provide lethal aid to Ukraine?

    so why complain about Taliban and why not openly 

    respond appropriately how s that a threat??

    U opens say you send lethal aid to Ukrain 

    and what about Afghanistan US helping afghani to kill russian you deny that ??

    why all this non sense ??

    Na s o r r  a i  L

    Mike who make sure president needs rail so he can walk down to podium 

    fot sprint from Al Qaeda

    the only reason that AlQaeida not existent in Afghanistan is because Russia wasnt sponsor opposite forces ad thee is so much crime because England sponsoring sabotage to weaken US and also because US was sponsoring afghan to fight russia so Mike you sonic your brain had been fied you might get a brain cancer overthinking contradictions

    watched until 1 min 1 second 

    in Hong Kong there ate NGO by NATO and bannon this does not look or sound good is Mike also running his own NGO?

    Mike looks mexican actually 

    t a c o s

    Mike has o opinion on tategood of Washington??

    cause it is convenient to have the police state is like Boise Oreragn from movie opposite land that they have screening of president so president turns into clown controlled by lobbyist 

    small not by land by the way and is is better land then moon or mars

    there over do on expensive 

    why people d not vote for changes separately 

    federal city ??

    they want federal city not federal state ??

    23rd amendments ??

    repealing 18 amendment 

    1920 year 

    temperance movement 

    was unique 

    illigal cocain 

    now illegal 

    used to be illigal alcohol

    addicted to spy operating this crowd looks on bar men as a whole bunch of obamadmin watch over webcam Osama being captured if it was even Osamma

    Pakistan has border with Afganistan

    watch 23 rd amendment that mike who referred to it is about tax 3 electoral college and one DC

    taxation without representation

    Graham is lying that he doesn’t want to sear DC into a state or he has a plan to have 

    to turn Washington DC reporting into Maryland 

    state of Maryland 

    why would they mention Maryland so there is a plan to separate out Washington DC 

    whose idea is that 

    this is being discussed 

    it sounds like that is what Cory Booker says we need to take this to trial and give everyone idea what tail is about because Washington DC get lower tax as much as in Maryland 

    Maryland taxes are lower??

    house member and two senators

    filibuster in maryland

    when according to Powels it was responsibility of state government which in Washington city has federal level 

    it doesnt have federal state

    it is federal city not federal state 

    so Washington DC

    what Graham saying that in Maryland they have republican governor but democratic government o senate 

    so why in Washington DC as a city 

    what powers they have when the army is called to the city it is a governor of Washington that makes decision to call Nstional gauge city does not have such power similar to Eric asking governor 

    so now the army control is out of the hands of the city in Washington is has to be via state 

    because if Washington city has their own separate control of National guard is basically disaster 

    because president there  in the city and if there is a opposite party senate they can overthrow president via military coup 

    it is already happening actually causeWsshington DC 

    controlling army and national guard 

    who called for national guard  into Washington DC??

    but the point is that control was that Washington DC the city o r hotel kicked military out of the city and out of the hotels

    while the hotel can refuse to house anyone but if military are paid guest they can’t be kicked out actually 

    but it sounded that governor of the city were kicking military out. but 

    the point is because president located in the city if that city to become tiny state with it s own army and the governor of city decided to throw cup and overthrow president they can literally go into sedge and prevent any national guard from out of state to enter on its territory 

    the most helpful art that currently governor of Washington DC cant personally call national guard that is the city president is in 

    the governor of state of Washington is in different city. if mayor or governor of Washington DC had legal status that of tate then it would be like two cooks in on kitchen President t trump might request national guard and as a state Washington DC might be able to say no , but as mayor in that federal city or governor of city they cant say no. so actually you can see that mayor or governs of Washington DC kicked out military that president invited to the city illegally. Military should have been there as much as president felt was necessary cause city doesnt have status enough to either call for help of national guard or kick they out they are state f city. and that cant become opposite cause it is literally about who is the both in the city and who is responsible for security of president office .

    the federal city level with Washington was created so president had autonomy not the mayor of the Washington DC she needs to just have same privileges as any mayor in any state and report into both president of US and governor of state of Washington. Because the state of Washington has federal city in it that federal status only relates to that president resides there and that president has power over riding power f governor . but that des nt give any special stus and power to the mayor. so this needs actually for the sake of preserving presidential status and power to have the Washington DC as only a city but mayor also there is a mayor of a city and not a federal city reportinging into governor as usual but reporting into president as a immediate manager so she could not even contradict president on decision about having national gard there. one governors do not need to ask if they can have national guard in their state so in washington there are two people can call national gauge president and govern of state for the tate but president only for the city there for mayor of DC cant get rid of national guard otherwise out would be same as governor Newsom said bring guard in after eric asks and then etc kicks guard out despite that gard needed to continue to remain to observe the protest rallies 

    wat is vey strange that is was Barr that decide duo move the perimeter wit the help of National guard that one day 

    and di not tell president 

    why it is dangerous and cant be allowed that it seem that control over national guard moving perimeter is not in president Hands. President nee dto be able to command tis and any border where that guard stand they do have to ask a president Trum it is amazing on what president Trum is not being briefed. Honestly this has to stop in resect of not being briefed and lawing that W Barr does what he does it is beyond trust it is actually jb of present  and even though it maybe seem irrelevant to kind and dutiful peopel around they do nee dto ask psidnet tum about moving any perimeters earlier without mentioning and actually using national guest use tear gas

    that is not ok an cant be allowed president need to personally command army and need to know that arm being given what orders 

    otherwise may or of washington dc next time decide to call guard that is reporting into her direct and they literal decide to have military cals since they are opposite party to president 

    all it sounds Washington DC is heavily biased towards democrats

  14. 1023

    mandatory mask could mean police arrest people for not wearing who wants that/?

    if people intentionally infect other by bing around and coughing at everyone they you can make a suggestion to that person cheating in marriage in worst crime or in committed relation as a lie

  15. 127NN

    so it is about making personal profits and surprise foreign economies which h actually drives the foreign colony into me competitive advantages because the can sell cheaper to Europe and do trade between each other which actually makes item more expensive in US the short term gains actually W barr is talking about so ut is a horrible approach to suppress other countries and in log term damaging to US economy over personal gais 

    already how greedy the politics in Ukraine and how agresive stealing i Urkarn pelosi was conducting W Barr protecting also Pelosi and Biden son 

    but the problem is instigating war in Ukraine is a horrible practice at expense of lives of many other children

    dying in war

    and also it is not even making Pelosi happy Russian tasing apart pipeline from Ukraine desconstriting it cals ethey want dRussian gas and transport via Ukrian where they can steal all that gas 

    and that si why now the prissier on Russi to cancel sonctruction of Norten pipeline 

    All the political pressure from US lead to abyss and the fgreed interference in domestic politics and creating nazitstic proud countries that under umbrella iff strong brother

    like US 

    basically really becoming very confident nazistic in their tendencies and incree russian profaned 

    same will china actually teh attacks are one pro[hit driven 

    and also they want to create poverty to have Colin powers ai d to have enemy 


    and insureds military budgets 

    it is wild west basically soon be dancing tribal dance with African infiltrating to al shepreof activities

    is infiltrating and offensive word as soon as they do not invite to do a tribal dance on teh street on abington DC soon 


    Way wld p i e NS

    in rural Canada even in Hawaii there is problems with standard of living for people people say they do not retire in Hawaii is expensive there 

    no medical  decal care such as any surgeries and specialists not physician

    the y sad expensive 

    throwing present under z bus same as to trust lawyer is suocide basically 

    president Trump


    few t o u r


    no smoking of vapor and so that is anti trust competition that they eliminated teh competition and strengthen cannbis industry but that is obvious ow they take drugs and not sewing poison self 

    but that is antitrust would be antitrust when they said no more vapor and no more floored tobacco is to actually help sell canabis

    is similar to flavor alcohol with lt of sugar is still alcohol

    Also We Barr instigating emissions??

    or who is investigating emissions California does 

    but that entire emission deal green deal is s again fraud

    and actually it is extremely dangerous and horrible for environment to do so much tracking nd waste and pordceu all that natural gas that US could not put in storage and actually even fiancee industry with a lo t of money that they over produce and have to release into atmosphere or flair natural gas 

    so teh production of cild and gas in US need to slow down to only serve domestic market if they can reduce price and improve technology then they can maybe sell at competitive price and kurds are even more poor so how US can steal and not produce at environmental field standard in kurdistan who they sell that aoil but militant in Syrian . US not rate din Syrian not by Russian not by Kurds not by Iran not by Turkey 

    so what are they still there na who they protect the kurdish oil nd gas who selling that oild to who and where does the money go ??

    and what envornmnetal impact from war and dust there

    first 37 seconds



    predates k ro t 

    so who is crow is that Mike

    or W Barr and who is reining this Mac Nanny 

    she sounds a lot like Barr 

    is Barr briefing her speeches or kelly ann 

    that si why Kelly Ann ois working hand to hand to Bar is Barr infatuated??

    cause Kelly ann husband is a horrible enemy if president Trump but he doe nsot care much Kelly Ann is prostituting self with everyone he can’t even believe she doe s

    Kelly An is a snitch caus eit is daily business she is risking her career also but why doe she care her hand has law firm that has to do with military engagements 

    so she is very interested in various type of wars

    and she is continuing to talk about president using racial slur and defending it actually classics

    defending racial slut really fixate on it 

    and who is lieteninga nd she goes around eating headlines

    do you realize that she is very dangerous to have around and not necessary 

    Kely Ann did ont want o be stay home mom 

    she popped 4 children one ofter another 

    she must be in love with her husband


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