President Trump Delivers Remarks at the White House Conference on American History


National Archives Museum, Washington, D.C.


  1. Great great soul is this President Trump… God and all powers be with You every second of your long long fruitful life…Your deep sincerely and love for USA and people just put tears in my eyes…praying for Your success and safety….many wish to harm you, USA and mankind….Ty for being brave and strong defending all of us…sincere respect and gratitude…God bless You and all Your family members….bls

  2. anarchists are fake anarchists, minarchism is the real anarchy, anarchy is just a state of chaos so tyrants can take advantage of and make order out of it;
    the true believer anarchists should go live in a small village out in the sticks where its hard to control whats going on , and they will still feel confined because small villages are more conformed and gossipy

  3. this patriotic education was compared to Hitler Youth on twitter. Hitler Youth was trending here in the UK because of that reason. I do not believe it was an organic trend, there is always anti Trump propaganda trending on twitter, twitter is either owned, or bows down to the establishment. They are no better than the MSM

  4. Mike your Master is destroying the nation.He craves only for fame n fortune
    Stop your Bullshitting. Stop talking Cock! Lovd n cherish’! What a crap! Your King is killing Americans slowly but surely! Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  5. Democrat has to wait 12 more years after president Trump and president Mike Pence before they can have slim hopes for their turn as Democrat President.

  6. There are many things I admire about what the President has done and some things about his character I do not like but he has shown a quality I admire more than any other… courage.

    And no where is this more evident than his standing up against the evil criminals of Antifa and BLM. More importantly he is standing up to the toxic ideas that these evil groups represent.

    It takes courage in 2020 to stand up for love of country, patriotism, service and liberty. Courage is always a rare quality, now is no exception.

  7. There aee those who value human life and those who don’t. Those who don’t are rich off of human life they don’t value as life.

  8. “All men are created Equal”….just some are MORE equall than others as Orwell said in his book “Animal Farm”. Time the USA served their ties with the Rothchilds at the Fed and the City of London, to become TUELY independant of us. We peoples of the British Isles, need a constitution like yours which mean we can get rid of the Monarch and Queen Liz (ard). This I believe was signalled by Trump when he walked “accidentally on purpose” infront of her at Winsdor!!!

  9. 16:21 – I am a victim of this. I went to College and took some European history type class and the teacher right off the bat within 5min lectured the class how wrong it was to bomb Japan. This had absolutely nothing to do with History Arts and at the end of class the teacher even specifically had given each student a questionnaire sheet and one of the questions was – Was it wrong of the USA to Bomb Japan. This was the first day of class and I dropped out and shortly just quit College entirely.

  10. In 2024, the Vice President should run for President and he should nominate President Trump as VicePresident to continue the good work!

  11. 1776 Commission, That is perfect . Its time to pull the hooks out the Leftist Nut Cases have stuck in us all. They can have it the easy or the hard way, Their choice . But i feel they wont go quietly, And i think that would make getting payback more enjoyable . They are Evil . God Bless America .

  12. « The Most Exceptionnal Nation in the History of the World »
    WAW – because of you ! 2020 for keeping America Great Again ! 💝
    Thank you Mr Trump – from Québec !

  13. Thank you and Mr President. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you. If they want to call it Providence or God you were chosen for this moment in time to save the greatest nation that ever existed on Earth. The threat couldn’t be more serious if bombs were falling from the sky. May God keep his hand on you and protect you for evil abounds.

  14. Glenn Beck stated for years that ‘We The People’ needed our ‘George Washington’ to step forward to save our Republic. Now we can look back over the last 4yrs and witness our ‘indispensable man’ is >>> Donald J. Trump!!!

  15. Democrats liberals are racists xénophobes. They are comunists with a new implementation of classes the race nothing is more divisive than liberal Democrats revolucionar comunist ideology.

  16. wonderful tandem – President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence 🙏🙏🙏✊✊✊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊✊✊🙏🙏🙏

  17. Democratic party was destroyed for marxist communist 2020 election is Donald J Trump VS marxists communis socialist We NEVER will vote for marxists communist First to die. We will vote for Donald J Trump because he is the leader we need We will vote for Donald J Trump because will save our country and the world. God Bless our President God Bless USA in Jesus name, Amen

  18. This was NOT a Democrat vs. Republican speech. This was a PRO-AMERICA speech! Extremepy well done, Mr. President and Mr. Vice-President!

  19. This was the best speech he ever made. I used to think Pence was Brutus in Julius Caesar’s court (A neocon Republican ready to pounce on Trump) but he speaks truth from the heart and is genuinely loyal to the American way of life and upholding our founding documents. He has my vote in 2024! But we also need to get Steve Bannon and DJT Jr. into politics as well.


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