President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland


The White House


  1. PRESS Let’s go PRESS Let’s go Girls is Very Good. True Brave tough American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Girls. Be Strong @ Fake News CNN and Other Hoax Media. GO Girls Go. Great job. Thankyou.

  2. Some of these news reporters are so loud mouthed, unorganized, and so disrespectful in front of our guest Poland’s President.

  3. Those rioting and vandalizing over racism must not have traveled much if they truly believe ANY country in the West and those like us are racist. I am confined in Europe with COVID the utter nonsense sweeping the country now is the Euro leftist disease that moves faster than the “kung flu virus” and infected the academies 40 years ago and has become more virulent in the incubators of the departments of social sciences and courses in various “studies” with titles of “diversity” and “inclusion” and “women and gender studies” or “black studies” all these varied “studies” in the hands of left leaning professors has proved more destructive than the nuclear physics of plutonium in terms of societal disruption and destruction accessed in diminished standards of merit and progress toward a gender- and color-blind society. In other words, all the progress we made before the academics got too interested.
    So innocent terms like diversity and inclusion and multiculturalism like Marxism rings so true, the trouble in all cases in practice is the amount of force, repression, and violence needed to enforce discipline because it does not work. Countries with enormous diversity like India barely cohere as a nation. Europe has been playing games since the EC became the EU, lots of Brussel centric surrendering of national identity in exchange for some economic solidarity. Unless, or until the piper calls and sends the bills and he is in slow suicide of a peoples and their cultures. (Avert your eyes from the pluralism)

    Is the social engineering by technocrats working? Well, for one thing no one can have an honest conversation on the subject without running smack into the new hateful hate speech laws of political correctness or threats of violence from violent protected baby seals. (Those that can tap into European colonial guilt and love to exploit racism.) In the US just substitute slavery guilt for colonial guilt.

    Asked recently by a young engineer in Germany why the USA seems so messed up, naturally he is getting most of the information he basis his opinion on from so called “news outlets” like CNN, MSNBC, and perhaps the NY Times. I gave his question a little thought. The US has always been a messy and divided society only the internet and a constant stream of sensationalized news makes it seems more divided. The Internet is a loudspeaker going 24 hours a day. I worked in research for a large corporation with global reach. Many of our operations are in Europe.

    The nature of the divide in America is now closer to that of divided Europe. In the past American civil culture was something Americans tended to agree upon, it was non-ideological and concerns money and the divide between those that identified with owners and those that worked for them. Each working to maximize their holdings.

    Today in addition to the money divide there has been injected an ideological divide among those university educated and young. The divide is mainly coastal, the East coast and West coast (California) against the center of the nation, the Midwest, and the South in opposition to the coastal states. Call the Midwest and South traditional America and Trump’s supporters. Older people both university educated and those without a university education holding more traditional views with many the victims of globalization and a financialized world in tension with the cool kids on the coast that love to jet everywhere and see a borderless world. Those cool kids make their high-tech junk in China and love to gamble in the markets. Traditional culture matters little, they have POP culture. Today young people are brainwashed by a left leaning ideology coming from the academies (American Universities). Our universities have come under the influence of two streams of thought from Europe.

    Firstly, “the “Frankfurt School” was a group of scholars known for developing critical theory and popularizing the dialectical method of learning by interrogating society’s contradictions. It is most strongly associated with the work of Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse and secondly, the postmodernist French intellectuals and postmodern philosophers like Jean Baudrillard, Jean François Lyotard, and Jacques Derrida. Michel Foucault.” : “Michel Foucault: I am not saying everything is bad, I am saying everything is dangerous…
    Theodor Adorno: I am saying everything is bad.”
    Their ideas spread across the Atlantic and profoundly influenced the social sciences as they are taught in the US academies, these ideas have even begun to invade STEM fields (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) and people your age and younger in the US now have a left leaning bias closer to what it means to be a leftist in Europe. In Germany for example, many of Europe’s former radial leftists have permuted and gone from “red” to “green” with “The Green Party.” Their leadership comes from people closer to my age those old 68 er’s (1968) civil disobedience in France and Germany. The leftists have given up on the proletariat because workers were corrupted by consumerism. Today’s youth have been brainwashed into believing CO2 is killing the planet and that computer models on climate change being far more complex than pandemic modeling (as shown recently to be hugely in error) but radically promoted by activists as whole cloth and not just a small thread in the tapestry of climate. So, if you cannot save all of humanity with failed Utopian visions then save all of nature by preserving nature from the corrupting effect of capitalistic economic activity.

    The Internet drives and feeds global hysteria and picks up on the loudest and most extreme opinions coming from activists. Those that think there is a perfect and logical solution found in trusting an expert elite (meaning themselves) and there never is one perfect Utopian solution only at best a choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

    People my age (I am in my mid 60’s) see the divide today in America and in Europe as one of vision. The best explanation of is Thomas Sowell’s book “Conflict of Visions” A short video explains …. President Trump has a mixed constrained and unconstrained vision as many business leaders do. Obama and those younger tend to follow the unconstrained vision. I believe this is the best way to explain why people become polarized: they are see things differently having nothing to do with good and evil while some describe those they disagree with them by simple labels, stupid, evil, or both and those prone to these labels usually have unconstrained and more idealistic leanings.

    Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race, which argues that the impact of intellectuals’ ideas and crusades on the larger society, both past and present, is the ultimate concern.

  4. В Украине руководительница комитета по социальной политике заявила абсолютно бесчеловечную тезисы, о достойных и недостойных жизни людей.
    Смысл ее тезы в том что бедные люди недостойны рожать детей. Прошу обратить на это внимание, это очень похоже на заявления Гебельса. Возможно это уже повод для обращения бедных людей Гаагу, как ни странно они тоже имеют гражданские права.
    На этом фоне призываю весь мир отказаться от всякой помощи режиму Зеленского, эти люди устроили геноцид.

  5. The press are like little kids that never were corrected and don’t ever listen and are so disrespectful!!!

  6. Stay Strong Poland! Don’t succumb to the commie leftists destroying the West. You know all too well where this road leads.

  7. May day, may day…for Washington coming November 2020. Someone had a vision that Washington gets ANNIHILATED and Russian and Chinese army have occupied its streets.
    🙄 please take this seriously.


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