President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of Poland


President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of the Republic of Poland

The White House


  1. Those rioting and vandalizing over racism must not have traveled much if they truly believe ANY country in the West and those like us are racist. I am confined in Europe with COVID the utter nonsense sweeping the country now is the Euro leftist disease that moves faster than the “kung flu virus” and infected the academies 40 years ago and has become more virulent in the incubators of the departments of social sciences and courses in various “studies” with titles of “diversity” and “inclusion” and “women and gender studies” or “black studies” all these varied “studies” in the hands of left leaning professors has proved more destructive than the nuclear physics of plutonium in terms of societal disruption and destruction accessed in diminished standards of merit and progress toward a gender- and color-blind society. In other words, all the progress we made before the academics got too interested.

    So innocent terms like diversity and inclusion and multiculturalism like Marxism rings so true, the trouble in all cases in practice is the amount of force, repression, and violence needed to enforce discipline because it does not work. Countries with enormous diversity like India barely cohere as a nation. Europe has been playing games since the EC became the EU, lots of Brussel centric surrendering of national identity in exchange for some economic solidarity. Unless, or until the piper calls and sends the bills and he is in slow suicide of a peoples and their cultures. (Avert your eyes from the pluralism)

    Is the social engineering by technocrats working? Well, for one thing no one can have an honest conversation on the subject without running smack into the new hateful hate speech laws of political correctness or threats of violence from violent protected baby seals. (Those that can tap into European colonial guilt and love to exploit racism.) In the US just substitute slavery guilt for colonial guilt.

    Asked recently by a young engineer in Germany why the USA seems so messed up, naturally he is getting most of the information he basis his opinion on from so called “news outlets” like CNN, MSNBC, and perhaps the NY Times. I gave his question a little thought. The US has always been a messy and divided society only the internet and a constant stream of sensationalized news makes it seems more divided. The Internet is a loudspeaker going 24 hours a day. I worked in research for a large corporation with global reach. Many of our operations are in Europe.

    The nature of the divide in America is now closer to that of divided Europe. In the past American civil culture was something Americans tended to agree upon, it was non-ideological and concerns money and the divide between those that identified with owners and those that worked for them. Each working to maximize their holdings.

    Today in addition to the money divide there has been injected an ideological divide among those university educated and young. The divide is mainly coastal, the East coast and West coast (California) against the center of the nation, the Midwest, and the South in opposition to the coastal states. Call the Midwest and South traditional America and Trump’s supporters. Older people both university educated and those without a university education holding more traditional views with many the victims of globalization and a financialized world in tension with the cool kids on the coast that love to jet everywhere and see a borderless world. Those cool kids make their high-tech junk in China and love to gamble in the markets. Traditional culture matters little, they have POP culture. Today young people are brainwashed by a left leaning ideology coming from the academies (American Universities). Our universities have come under the influence of two streams of thought from Europe.

    Firstly, “the “Frankfurt School” was a group of scholars known for developing critical theory and popularizing the dialectical method of learning by interrogating society’s contradictions. It is most strongly associated with the work of Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse and secondly, the postmodernist French intellectuals and postmodern philosophers like Jean Baudrillard, Jean François Lyotard, and Jacques Derrida. Michel Foucault.” : “Michel Foucault: I am not saying everything is bad, I am saying everything is dangerous…

    Theodor Adorno: I am saying everything is bad.”

    Their ideas spread across the Atlantic and profoundly influenced the social sciences as they are taught in the US academies, these ideas have even begun to invade STEM fields (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) and people your age and younger in the US now have a left leaning bias closer to what it means to be a leftist in Europe. In Germany for example, many of Europe’s former radial leftists have permuted and gone from “red” to “green” with “The Green Party.” Their leadership comes from people closer to my age those old 68 er’s (1968) civil disobedience in France and Germany. The leftists have given up on the proletariat because workers were corrupted by consumerism. Today’s youth have been brainwashed into believing CO2 is killing the planet and that computer models on climate change being far more complex than pandemic modeling (as shown recently to be hugely in error) but radically promoted by activists as whole cloth and not just a small thread in the tapestry of climate. So, if you cannot save all of humanity with failed Utopian visions then save all of nature by preserving nature from the corrupting effect of capitalistic economic activity.

    The Internet drives and feeds global hysteria and picks up on the loudest and most extreme opinions coming from activists. Those that think there is a perfect and logical solution found in trusting an expert elite (meaning themselves) and there never is one perfect Utopian solution only at best a choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

    People my age (I am in my mid 60’s) see the divide today in America and in Europe as one of vision. The best explanation of is Thomas Sowell’s book “Conflict of Visions” A short video explains …. President Trump has a mixed constrained and unconstrained vision as many business leaders do. Obama and those younger tend to follow the unconstrained vision. I believe this is the best way to explain why people become polarized: they are see things differently having nothing to do with good and evil while some describe those they disagree with them by simple labels, stupid, evil, or both and those prone to these labels usually have unconstrained and more idealistic leanings.

    Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race, which argues that the impact of intellectuals’ ideas and crusades on the larger society, both past and present, is the ultimate concern.

  2. По примеру Польши.
    Кто запретит ЛГБТ пропаганду в своей стране, тот получит сладкие плюшки с маслом.

  3. wow 2 min in, Trump as already said western civilization needs to be defended at all cost.
    I can’t wait for the reaction of the gaggle.

  4. People from CNN are so ignorant and hide the truth from America. Joe Biden is an old mess. He’s made billions of dollars from you the tax payers. He’s a fraud just ask the people of Pa. they were glad to get him out of their State. He’s an embarrassment. I know. I grew up there. I know the real story. He’s got dementia and I take care of clients like him. He’s a real mess.

  5. Not true. Our son works in the airline industry. They were shocked Trump closed the boarders. You my friend have taken the poison pill and do not see the truth. Many people were upset with Trump for closing the boarders. I had a friend in Taiwan . She said our President is the only brave President she has ever seen to stand up against the CCP. So many flaws in the story about Trump not being ready or able. Tired and weak Joe would be hiding the entire time.

  6. The United States is nothing but a high credit card. They will pull strings later on. The term “Americans” is a very broad term just like “Europeans”. People please stop using the term “Americans” the country is “USA”. South America and North America involve many Countries.

  7. #TRUMP2020 #TEAM2020 I love Polish People. If God is for 🇺🇸 Us Nothing Will be against us. #TRUMP #MAGAC

  8. The problem is that he is not a leader. He is a Yankeestan Charletan. A conman,racist,bragger. He was lucky that Obama had handed him over a solid economy after 8 years of economic reform. Bunkerboy could freeload on it for 3,5 years. When the moment came to be a leader, the whole world could watch his incompetence to be a leader.

  9. Donald J Trump is the #1 SERIAL KILLER of American Citizens. His
    IGNORANCE and INCOMPETENCE alone has MURDERED 126,000+ American lives.
    By election day #BUNKERBOY will have MURDERED 250,000+.

  10. PRESIDENT “TRUMP”, in MY (LIFE) “TIME”, Though this LOVELY “WORLD”, & the BEST EVER (PRESIDENT) EVER……👍👍😎😎!!

  11. China virus is killing the world, world come together to destroy China, America, Australia Israel Japan France India England

  12. All the protestors, Black Lives Matter, Nurses, Doctors,Teachers, The Military, Federal employees, Private sector employees, Farmers that are suffering (but do not want to admit it), should immediately marched to the White House and Capital Hill and demand that this despot, RACIST and totally unfit incompetent ‘PYG’ and $WINE resign. This nation shouldn’t have to wait for November 3rd, he MUST be removed NOW NOW NOW!!! Why the wait? A lot more destruction by this crazy KKK creature can take place between now and Nov 3rd. What are we waiting for, for this mentally retarded and unstable RACIST to punch-in his Nuclear Code???

  13. President Trump please sue all the mayors and governors in the liberal demon Rats that not doing their duties/jobs that they supposed to protect their constituents..Please let them face the consequences that they’re letting these crazy rioters and looters ruined, burning and killing people left and right!!! These kind of peoples deserves to be shot on their head.

  14. Mr. Trump aka Mr Orange face aka not my president. Vote him out now. #blacklifesmatter 1 term president. You lie more then all inmates in all jails in the whole USA. #Biden2020

  15. Folks covid19 is a false flag terrorist attack, on all of us! Bill Gates Bio terrorist is the criminal behind fake covid19! Time for gates to be eliminated!

    Who Is Bill Gates Full Documentary, 2020

    See Bill Gates’ Chilling Pandemic Warnings To Trump – Before The Coronavirus Outbreak Hit | MSNBC

    #NoToVaccines #Covid19InsideJob #fakePandemic #covid19Fraud #Agenda2030 #BillGates #insidejob #Trump #NoPoisonCovid19Vaccines

  16. 965

    Jun. 28, 2020

    Newsom orders bars closed in seven California counties including L.A. due to coronavirus spread

    Citing the rapid pace of coronavirus spread in some parts of the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered seven counties –

    including Los Angeles – immediately to close bars and nightspots that are open and recommended eight other counties take action on their own to close those businesses.

    in New york they open sex club?


  17. 966NNN

    watched until 1 min 32 seconds


    are you out of your mind??

    what their to socialize kids bully and shoot each other when they laugh they laugh at someone ??

    do you know

    the school education and interaction in US is the worst there is in the world with so many school shootings so why do u want to send kids back to school 

    also do u realize Pelosi and company such as Kelly Ann they wan to keep 700K in prison and judges just rules that 700 K kids in prisons not getting released and they try to educate them there that si the most comments socialist idea where they pool all kids n group there and educate them something. What ecaiem of these kids.

    Maybe you nee two stay home and look after your own instead of coming to work to promote very strange ideas. ther eis second wave of epidemics.

    Biden makes kid uncomfortable by groping them and what are you taking about important of socializing??

    there is ways to connect now on internet phone and have kids you trust without symptoms do home sleepovers or something where kids can socialize after they do their hoe for. While learning they have to be very quite

    and also you know in prisons when they invited teachers they forbid teacher to talk to kids about anything kids cant say or complain about any of the topics and they only discuss what they are taught by these invitee teachers and hav etc be very quite and dsisipluned thsi still continues after supposedly kelly Ann fought some kind of rule successfully that Pelosi had approved about holding kids in prison longer than 20 days they in cahoots on benefiting form holing these kids in prison 

    Why yo not talking about this at all?

    what you even saying u cant get rid of your kid soon enough to kick them out fo the house and where to??

    geting interview from some kind of IT woman who si she she seem she had not seen daylight in month what kids she hears laughing and where?? is she listening on surveillance and need a job??

  18. 967

    ID people in hotels  wha are they?

    have visitors show ID and only access if they are registered guest 

    have peopel who stay in hotel all of them register passports fully 

    not only one person and have access to hotel only to people who are registered with literally face ID not just card

  19. 963

    but even with person injury lawyer many peopel fake injury especially that they nee chiropractors they may already have had a problem 

    thsi need more through investigation one layers are go getters they only want to get the prize money and again thsi needs collecting facts unless peopel so injured they cant walk and it si new injury anything with philip and chiropractor only is very shady situation

    US paid 5 million dollars for someone to spy and sabotage on russian election ?

    if they cant honestly audit they sabotage 

    what is they pay someone out fo these fund to change on paper votes?

    like they can use invisible ink and then pay out of 5 million to change ??

    what about people who want to have their own kids 

    they need to first have someone to have kids with not to want to have kids and then find some to have kids with 

    is a weird situation 

    they now looking no for someone to have kids with they look for same gender partner 

    which makes more sense but they also sometimes decide to adopt

    vo z ro zhdenie

    can they create electronic archives of the books 

    so not everyone want to go t library

    i really disliked library visits

    or they have private room with coaches and people use books can get infected from each other book quarantines ??

    do they practice?

  20. why they release people in Ukrian and then they go back to Crimea in military ships with NATO and Turkey and UN

  21. Good relations!!! POLAND is an example to follow today, aswell Hungary.
    Patriots protecting Europe and western civilitations.
    Countries without terrorism because they know the multiculturalism is very dangerous.

  22. Polish people are always so friendly and helpful, i work now with polish people for 8 years, only the language is unintelligible

  23. I have never seen a man who says “thank you” that much..maybe there are lots of words in Polish that mean “thanks” and they are mistranslated. Highly unlikely..Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…never ends.


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