President Trump Participates in an Iowa Disaster Recovery Briefing


Cedar Rapids, IA


  1. Trump loves it when the People crawl to Him for help!,,, Why does He do that?,,,💥 , Ohhh, thats right!, for the praise!,,,✨

  2. Farmers always cry Big no-matter the damage!,, it’s the only way that they can get enough disaster monies to keep running!,, “Global Warming” ! ✨

  3. Use the people’s administration instead of ‘my administration’. It will drive them more crazy. Pray for POTUS and divine protection. 😁❤️🙏

  4. Iowa will be thankful for all This. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 4 more year’s of President TRUMP / KAG.

  5. Hey Fat Donny Trump. Did you steal money from the “Trump Charitable Trust” to buy Melania’s super hot gowns and rocks on her fingers? Just like you stole from the Trust (sic) to pay Barron’s Boy Scout fees?

  6. No solo un gran patriota, Trump es uno de los hombres más valientes del mundo. Se enfrenta solo al estado profundo/ el cabal, y lo está haciendo estupendamente bien. Se puede ver por la reacción de los demócratas y globalista que están desesperados por ensuciar su reputación. Pero el pueblo ha despertado y ya no nos podrán manipular como lo han hecho porque ahora los vemos y sabemos cómo operan y quiénes son, ya no podrán tratarnos como ignorantes, como ganado, cómo colectivo social ignorante y manipulable…somos el pueblo del mundo que ha Despertado y ha dicho BASTA no estamos dispuestos a seguir soportando esto, que se vayan todos los corruptos, perversos y mentirosos. Reclamamos nuestra LIBERTAD 💪 y en este lucha estamos todos unidos porque somos un solo pueblo, el pueblo Humano de la Tierra.
    Y seremos libres!!!!!
    Not just a great patriot, Trump is one of the bravest men in the world. He’s up against the deep state / cabal alone, and he’s doing amazingly well. You can see from the reaction of the Democrats and globalists who are desperate to tarnish their reputation. But the people have awakened and they will no longer be able to manipulate us as they have done because now we see them and we know how they operate and who they are, they will no longer be able to treat us as ignorant, as cattle, as an ignorant and manipulable social collective … we are the people of the world that has Awakened and said ENOUGH we are not willing to continue supporting this, let all the corrupt, perverse and liars go. We claim our FREEDOM 💪 and in this fight we are all united because we are one people, the Human people of the Earth. And we will be free !!!!!

  7. Iowa is infested with A symptomatic covid carries. I drove through there in The Shelby area and counsil bluffs, wore a mask, used sanitizers and just had a negative covid test 4 days prior to being there, not around anyone but at gas stations and grocery stores and I just treated for it. Be careful and wear a mask! It does not matter what your opinion is, you could be carrying it unknown and spread it like it got to me!! I lost a huge contract job because of it and it costs me dearly having to be away from family and get treatment. You iowa people seem to be the most hard headed iv seen with this and its selfish. WEAR A MASK!!

  8. God bless you President Trump!!! My family will be forever greatful for all you do for us!!! Your compassion for our nation and it’s people is wonderful!!!

  9. The tree companies are going to make millions off of the trees that they’re charging and astronomic amount for to remove. That should be considered and dealt with. I am from Indiana and know many people who cut trees.

  10. Again I want to make sure my message goes through. The tree companies that are coming in and charging astronomical amounts, for example 3000 per tree to remove are going to make millions of dollars off of those trees. They should reconsider how much they’re charging to cut down a tree and the type of tree.

  11. Can I receive my $91,000 dollars.? Leader of the American peoples citizens from last remembrance “this was our land now for abiding, as a one nation under god but obviously the whole office up busy with this to that, but you know you can simply send my payments heck 2nd Thessolonians how much properties these crime makers buying up but oh its just hitting the news.$26,000 that cause false educational purposes and writing on my fates without a characters consent 2.5 billion biblical books, and one of your crooked officers hid in the closet a attempt to try and slaughter me, plus $65,000 for duty prison guard work worth the salary earnings, I wont charge you for the revealing of your island men cause the victims got their justice you can write my check dont make me wait till the next presidential election 1404 East 11th st apartment.101 Little rock Arkansas a one time address belonging to a sibling grandmother .


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