We need to prevent COVID-19 vaccine nationalism.


We need to prevent #COVID19 vaccine nationalism.
For this reason, the World Health Organization is working with governments and the private sector through the ACT-Accelerator to ensure that new innovations are available to everyone, everywhere starting with those at highest risk.



  1. We are waiting for the vaccines, please make it as soon as possible. We need now… many people are dying everyday,,, ONLY VACCINE Could help the world and we back to normal again… NO more tears and struggling. JUST BRING A HOPE FOR THE WORLD AND SMILE WHEN YOU TALK TO THE MEDIA..

  2. it must be so hard to gain the trust of the public after you people let the Wuhan Virus out to the world before raising the alarm of a potential pandemic. It’s your objective now to prove yourselves again to clear the clouds of doubt that surrounds all of you thanks to your failures.

  3. Your vile masters are losing we the people reject your poison your population control sabbatien frankists filth

  4. There is no virus it’s not been isolated or purified it’s genetic material which is found in humans plant and animals

  5. I hear echoes of Hitler’s Nazi regime here: “we do it together”.
    Load of BS.
    1st VIAL released. Rev 16:2.
    Expect to see almost 7.3 billion people walking the earth covered in cancerous tumours with painful bleeding ulcers topping them soon.
    Mark = star.
    Beast = Baal.
    Helix logos = Helios the Sun God, otherwise known as Lucifer the morning star and torch bearer.
    eg, WHO logo, AstraZeneca logo, Communist logo, “Israel” logo, all members of the Freemasonry satanic cult.
    All deaths through this vaccine = sacrifices to satan.

  6. Somebody should Sack you Mr Dr Tedros for the way you initially covered up Covid 19 with China. You are now talking about Nationalism.

    Since you hold respectable position, i m not using dergoratory words.

  7. Blah blah blah blah. Stop the waffle. This guy needs investigation into his collusion with the Chinese Criminal Party allowing the virus to be deliberately spread across the globe

  8. Hey guys there is a new documentary called “Plandemic” featured on London Real that’s blowing up. I would post it here but YouTube have blocked the link. Its all about the planning and corruption of the virus.

  9. This guy talks and talks and never does a damn thing. Every country had to figure how to contain this virus. He should have gotten every country on the same page, never happened.

  10. Revelation 15:8 And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.

  11. WHO world hopeless organization. World harassment organization. World hang organization. World hazardous organization.etc

  12. HELP: Indian govt is putting nearly 3 millions lives of students aged between 16 to 21 by conducting exams forcefully during pandemic. You need to watch how protest against this is going on. @WHO

  13. We knew it, it’s gonna be over in two years and you don’t have to tell us .how many people gonna die in two years? You better shut up and just work for China .

  14. Only two instruments can sound awsome! It just takes the right people. That’s the reason why you don’t have any music playing anymore. Money for nothing.

  15. You do not decide what goes into other people’s bodies anymore than WE decide what goes into yours. The answer is NO VACCINE to those who are smart enough to have critical and logical thinking abilities. VAERS anyone?


  17. So it’s Just a New Form of Global Colonialism Against Sovereign Nations ?? Got It ! I like that you said it straight

  18. *I thank again to WHO and to Dr. TEDROS for your tremendously important work for humankind during this pandemia, as well as since all its existence. Dr Sônia, MD*

  19. Wow, 7.2k views and 150 likes to 200 dislikes.

    The WHO is pulling less numbers than a 9 yo baking a cupcake.

    Good riddance.

  20. Why does ANYONE LISTEN TO THIS COMMUNIST???? He belongs in PRISON. Or in the GALLOWS.

    There is a place for you in the LAKE OF FIRE, Mr. LYING LIAR. Vengeance is YHWH’s and HE WILL REPAY. Your little FRAUD/HOAX/SCAM/PLANDEMIC is NAKED AND ASHAMED, the WHOLE WORLD SEES YOUR LIE.

  21. You and your organisation need to be arrested and imprisoned for crimes against humanity is what needs to be done ☠️🤛🏻

  22. Did you prevent nationalism when you abide by China’s nationalist dictate that no one mentions TAIWAN IS A FREE COUNTRY?


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