President Trump welcomes the President of Poland to the White House



  1. Mr. President, it would be wise create a new war department (structured differently), and to appoint a new secretary of war…

  2. Tomatoes. A vegetable…technically it’s a berry. Eatable….but not the leafs or roots. Poison….related to nightshade…for a very long time tomatoes were considered poisonous! Interesting isn’t it? Democracy….long considered the Poison by Communist and others. Not a viable Goverment. This people for the people…..sounds like? Just like communism……but Not at all! Why? History! One has a successful history…..the other? Only disaster and disappointment…..and a short history at that!

  3. I refer to British history a lot….maybe because they have a long well documented history….both from the Irish point of view….to an India point of view….to my favorite. Winston Churchill point of view. Even old British point of view. Our own civil war similar to there’s….lessons relearned. “We rather lose the war…..then admit the mistake!” General Long Streak. Japan? Similar. Hitler? Most definitely! CCP? Lies are all they have! After the French accords and agreement’s 1778. England and America…….actually got along. Why? The French! History sure is interesting….wouldn’t you say. Winston? Indubitably!

  4. Bron yr Aur. Led Zeppelin. Just 2:00 of bliss. Can make all the difference. For emotion…sweet as it is! Can be sour! Let’s taste our meal before we salt n pepper! An old Rockefeller trick I believe. He would invite prospective people out for diner….and watching them close. He ordered food they never had. Why did you not taste it…..before adding salt n pepper? Why is it not good enough on its own….why must you add so much sugar n tea? Your napkin… for use. Yet you don’t use it. You expect me to leave the tip? You did not offer even a little. You are not scoring any points with me. Despite being highly recommended.

  5. Mr president Dr fauci and Bill Gates Will use you to bad thing but i support you without Dr F . B.G they are danger

  6. It says the whole bible is gods law. It clearly says that many times throughout the bible. The ten commandments are the Decalogue, but they are not the only sins. You are misguided for thinking that. I will correct you with one example that states very clearly how many of gods laws are in the bible. I have saved you from a eternity in hell. You do owe me. I expect you to make a donation so that I may save others through Gods words.
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  8. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, said: “Trump was cozying up to Putin and inviting him to the G7 all while his administration reportedly knew Russia was trying to kill US troops in Afghanistan and derail peace talks with the Taliban.” Amazing….

  9. So how will you beg him to help getting you re-elected? Hmmm. What quid pro quo? The Village Idiot will lose biggly unless Russia, China or whoever else he begs, borrows or steals from. I can’t wait to see him humiliated even more than he is every time he opens his useless, dirty mouth. Sad loser!!!!

  10. President trump don’t get weak stay strong. You are right about tje vaccines you’re right about the mask, you’re right about everything!!! May God protect you!!
    Never give up!! Got got this!! Freedom Ring!! In God we trust!!! Every time they push you shove. Every time they lie shove the facts in their face. This is a game of winners and loser!!! Win Big!!!
    We voted for you prove to them you are unstoppable!!! May you stay humble to God and stay strong against those who are evil!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

  11. Hey TRUMP. Ask him if Poland have any statues of Hitler and his generals. Also ask him if they have streets and schools named after any of Hitler’s commander. Then ask him if he considered them to be fine people. ASK HIM!!!

  12. Hey TRUMP. Ask him if Poland have any statues of Hitler and his generals. Also ask him if they have streets and schools named after any of Hitler’s commander. Then ask him if he considered them to be fine people. ASK HIM!!! If Dumbass would have asked these questions the great leader of Poland would have answered HELL NO on every question.

  13. Covid 19 1st phase on the increase in USA and its just june killing over 125,000 ; July?August? September? Just imagine the count if a second phase its ?
    ” GERONTICIDE ” VIRUS ? Brought on by ignorance stupidity and dam right greed .
    My advice to Biden is don’t stand for election because no one can fix trump’s failer at this stage and probably not for a few years

  14. We have friends who are immigrants from Poland (many years as citizens). They are the most patriotic, loyal and wonderful Americans. God Bless Poland. Never wavers. God Bless our wonderful President.

  15. Dear President Trump, can you address the problem of wearing masks? People are injuring themselves by limiting their oxygen intake. OSHA laws prohibit the wearing of a mask for extended periods. Why does this not matter anymore. People are rebreathing CO2 and breaking down their immune system. It is like a Sharia covering mandate. CRAZY. Please address this. I refuse to go into any business that requires a mask. #TakeOffTheMask.

  16. Herr Trump, wenn ich kann und wenn ich es schaffe, dann bin ich für’s Saarland, Deutschland, Europa und dann für den Rest der Welt bald auf dem Weg zu Ihnen.


  17. ✨🧚 bob ross said that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.✨💫 but there are always exceptions 🧚💖🔆

  18. LOL why is it that I can’t take this video seriously. I get themed music in movies but this is the real world.. maybe it’s trumps voice. Can’t take it seriously. Reality is a TV show now

  19. 💕 God Almighty, kindly continue to bless and protect President Trump, his family, Anons and Patriots WorldWide, in Jesus mighty name we pray… Amen. WWG1WGA!!💕

  20. God bless America and god bless Mr. President . Sir, we the people of India request you to please exempt India from CAATSA rule as India is facing a possible war with China . China is occupying Indian territory by force . Hoping America will understand Indias security concerns . Long live United states and Indian friendship 🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳🇺🇸🇮🇳

  21. 1024

    secretlary of state so mike has hillary role 

    what about product produced in prison in US

    and force to have women to have abortion 

    where they going to have more than 2 children ??

    Mike was about to be fired 

    one time and for some reason he didn’t 

    china t buy soy bean places that affect reelection what is the question he said the question is non sense

    Mike is not talking like he thought through things carefully. in china they need population control otherwise they turn into india and sit under tree all day long in trans

    but in china it gets cold

    they eat bats there Mike cause there are places with extreme poverty there 

    but they actually recognize and try to work on this rather them pretending the problem doesnt 


    is Kelly Ann coaching Mike??

    ir Mac Cain i his dreams 

    china espionage 

    it used to be russian 

    how is china a big enemy

    who is taliban ?

    this is a lie 

    US provides weapons to taliban and ukrainian nazi

    president Trump isn’t briefed who briefed president on Sulemani and that wasn’t even accurate 



    so they want president Trump call president Putin to threaten 

    there is not regime

    in Russia

    what mess you clean 

    and it is true you provide lethal aid to Ukraine?

    so why complain about Taliban and why not openly 

    respond appropriately how s that a threat??

    U opens say you send lethal aid to Ukrain 

    and what about Afghanistan US helping afghani to kill russian you deny that ??

    why all this non sense ??

    Na s o r r  a i  L

    Mike who make sure president needs rail so he can walk down to podium 

    fot sprint from Al Qaeda

    the only reason that AlQaeida not existent in Afghanistan is because Russia wasnt sponsor opposite forces ad thee is so much crime because England sponsoring sabotage to weaken US and also because US was sponsoring afghan to fight russia so Mike you sonic your brain had been fied you might get a brain cancer overthinking contradictions

    watched until 1 min 1 second 

    in Hong Kong there ate NGO by NATO and bannon this does not look or sound good is Mike also running his own NGO?

    Mike looks mexican actually 

    t a c o s

    Mike has o opinion on tategood of Washington??

    cause it is convenient to have the police state is like Boise Oreragn from movie opposite land that they have screening of president so president turns into clown controlled by lobbyist 

    small not by land by the way and is is better land then moon or mars

    there over do on expensive 

    why people d not vote for changes separately 

    federal city ??

    they want federal city not federal state ??

    23rd amendments ??

    repealing 18 amendment 

    1920 year 

    temperance movement 

    was unique

  22. what taxes are in Washington DC??
    they nee dto be the same for general population there as Washington stat as federal level only affects federal government not the population of the cit y

    president of US and the people they do not pay state taxes actually because they are the government and many f them relocate form the state they have original residence so they are excused and they py taxes of the state which is their original if they dd not brake ties with that state
    who reside or relocate to white house 
    requires they pay state taxes fro the state they are inn


    mandatory mask could mean police arrest people for not wearing who wants that/?

    if people intentionally infect other by bing around and coughing at everyone they you can make a suggestion to that person cheating in marriage in worst crime or in committed relation as a lie


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